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Christina Parfitt
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It recently came to my notice that a gentleman (I use this term 'loosely') in the town has made comment with regards to PSSC charging people for house clearances (of the spiritual kind).

We have NEVER, EVER, charged anyone for going along to their homes, etc for any of our services, on the request being made to us for help.

Sadly it would seem that word has gone out that we charge, and I know that NONE of our lovely professional Mediums have ever charged a person for their help, especially at such a stressful time due to spiritual activity.

Sadly there are those who walk amongst us who will try to discredit our beautiful church, at any opportunity.

Our wonderful House Clearance lady, by the name of Tracy, always reports to me of the circumstances she has found, and to report the property as 'clear'.

We do however know the extent of this recent misinformation, having had an internal investigation and spoken with those who have been accused of this said 'abuse' - NONE of which has any foundation.

PSSC are here to help our community whenever we can, along with those who attend our church, for their highest and best interests.

:D Tina x
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