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Christina Parfitt
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At this moment in time, I have sadly been feeling really quite ill due to Bronchitis (family genes have a lot to answer to), and had time to reflect on some of the most wonderful spiritual experiences I have had to date.

One that will never leave me, ever, is the visit from my dad, who sadly passed away on the 22nd May 2001.

The day of the funeral was a warm, sunny and beautiful day (just like my dad would have liked it to be), and but due to the weather, when we reached Southport from Skelmersdale, we had to take a bit of a detour to arrive at the Crematorium on time, due to traffic delays.

The day went off really well, but my relatives were asking me who the Scots piper was, stood next to the hearse when my dads coffin was being lifted out, as he seemed to have disappeared for the commital.  We to this day do not know, other that it may have been my Great Grandfather who was in the Scottish Army many years prior to emigrating to Canada! piping my dad into the Crematorium!!

The rest of the day went in a kind of blur to be honest.  I don't think I fully grasped that my dad was no longer with us.  I was a daddy's girl, and would never in a million years have wanted him to die the way he did.  It was all too difficult, still is, but now, I understand he had much work to do in the world of spirit.

Having gone to bed exhausted, I awoke in the ealy hours of the following morning by a cold wind blowing my hair and billowing the back of my nightdress.

It took me a moment or two to come around a bit more, and in those first few seconds left me wondering if the front door had blown open somehow (we lived in a bungalow at the time).  I knew I hadn't left the window wide open, and besides, I was on the other side of the bedroom away from the window.

As I tried to see if my then husband had awoken too, or my little Yorkie, Ben, I realised they were both sound asleep?!

So I slowly started to turn around, but absolute fear gripped me and I found I couldn't move!

As the wind slowly died down, I finally turned around to see what had started this whole weird experience, there was nothing.

Before I dropped off the sleep I lay there thinking I best phone my sister in the morining and see if she had any strange events happening during the night.

Later that morning I awoke and rang my sister Gill up, just to check if she too had had a strange experience, which to be honest by now, I had realised was a spirit visitation! Sometimes a bit slow, but I get there, ha ha.

Anyhow when I asked Gill the burning question, she started laughing, and said "no I didn't, but you did!" 

Dad had suddenly turned up all in a dither at my cousins house, to say he thought he had frightened me, and he'd only come to see if I was okay, and where the arthritis was in my body, as he hoped to help me with it. I was stunned, but really shouldn't have been,  that  experience brought me back to my roots, being the spiritual being I am supposed to be!

I started back at the awareness class at a local church and from there became the President of my church in 2007. But it was at this church that I met Meg Simpson - who taught me so much, and to whom I am grateful to this day.

I am now a Minister, and followed my calling from Spirit and God to be the person I am today.

Truly grateful for all that I have been given by Spirit and my God, I do my best to work tirelessly to bring an understanding of how wonderful the Spirit world really is - and to remind people, we should be more afraid of the living (in this day and age), than the departed.

Thank you Spirit for all the wonderful experiences given to me, to this day.  God bless

Tina Parfitt (Rev)

:D Tina x
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