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Christina Parfitt
Site Owner
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It it with a heavy heart that I must write this article.

For whatever reason, there is at this moment in time a series of letters being sent to various members of our congregation and trustees, with regards to my recent 'ordination'. 

On the whole I have had substantial feedback which has all been positive. I wish to thank all well wishers in this regard.  However as is usual in 'the world of religion' (and its organisations), there are those who, for whatever reason, have taken exception to this matter.

I wish to make it quite clear to ALL, that the Minister for PSSC is Rev. Glenys Clarke, and at no time has her position been placed in dispute.  

Having spoken with Glenys a short while ago and informed her of my 'ordination' I told her as President/Founder of PSSC, that her position is and always will be upheld at our church.

My decision to become a Minister is a personal one.  For many years I have said that this is my goal in life, and as I have stated previously, is between 'me and my God'.

I am aware that in this country, the Universal Life Church Monestary, may not be recognised, although it is a worldwide organisation, but do wish to say, that many religions in this country and others, at some time went through similar situations.

This has throughout history cost many people their lives (hopefully not mine), for the beliefs they hold, an it would appear, is no different today, all very very sad, but then we are after all, only human!

My 'ordination' is and was not meant to upset any member of this church or those who serve it, but to bring about my guidance received  from the world of Spirit and my God,  all of which has been passed onto me by many well known and renowned Demonstrators at our church and many others I have attended over a period of years.

PSSC would not exist today, if I had not had the 'push' from the 'spirit world' to open the church and ensure that it was a place for the people who attend, wishing to further their path and understanding of the workings of Spirit. This is my 'trust' in Spirit.

It was and is a difficult task for anyone to raise a church from the ground, and install within it all the necessary legalities that are required by todays laws and statutes.  I feel that I have and will continue to work for the hightest good of the church, including all those who attend, and its local community, for as long as Spirit and God wish me to.


I place my future and trust in the hands of God and Spirit, to continue to be led and guided towards ensuring our church will remain open for ALL those who wish to come along and enjoy the warm and friendly atmoshere!

Many thanks,

Christina Parfitt (President/Founder,Cert Ed, MLDHA)

:D Tina x
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Christina Parfitt
Site Owner
Posts: 141

Go girl go!!!!!!

I feel the other people who recieved mail regarding the above situation, should have come forward and told you about all this!

As it is now forming part of a police investigation these people need to bring their letters into church and pass them onto Tina so that she can correlate them for the investigation.

Sadly some of the 'Trustees' have let Tina down by withholding this information, not the action of a true spiritual-persons/friends of the church.

As for the person behind all of this they need to take a look at themselves and be in 'full facts' before making such spurious comments.

Without all the hard work that Tina put into the opening and running of the church there wouldn't be one here for you all to attend.

Committee Member, I am completely disgusted!! Lisa Meadows

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Christina Parfitt
Site Owner
Posts: 141

I was at the church when one of the letters was opened, the effect that it had on Tina wasn't particularly nice.

The letter had sinister overtones and was written disguised handwriting which was nasty!

Because Tina is a true spiritual person she sent the person who was responisble for writing such nastiness 'love and healing' rather than throw a stone.

It is beyond me how someone who attends a spiritualist church can send out such correspondence, I would suggest that person examines their own conscience and takes time to reflect on their own actions.

I am sure if the person had approached Tina she would have had an adult discussion about her ordination, and what it means to her.

Tina has been involved with spiritualism all of her adult life (and childhood), she has brought comfort and healing to many people over the years in their times of need.  This is something she does in her own time and without being asked, and does a lot of work behind the scenes.

the running of the church is a full time job in many respects, something she does without payment and many times without thanks.

Being a minister is an attitude of mind and have been more than proven by her deeds and actions.

I can think of nobody who deserves being a minister more than she does.

I would ask the person who is sending out these nasty letters to ask themselves  what has been their contribution to the church and humanity?

Trustee - Colin Howarth

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Christina Parfitt
Site Owner
Posts: 141

Thankyou Colin and Lisa for your kind remarks, I have been overwhelmed by support from all at PSSC, and friends I have made along my wonderful journey with and through spirit. God Bless, Tina x

:D Tina x
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Chris S
Posts: 29

Its a shame the person who wrote the letter appears to be so unaware of the reasons behind the ordination of Tina. If they had bothered to speak to Tina in the first instance I am sure they would have felt differently about it and been able to understand it more. I send this person love and light and hope they can reconfigure their assumptions. We may not know who you are-but believe me spirit are more than aware of your name.

I always felt that the church was more than the people who run it or indeed have their names on the outside notice board-being comprised of all those who have entered its doors and contributed in both big and small ways. PSSC will rise above this and become stronger in the future thanks to the support of the most important people of all-you who support it.

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Christina Parfitt
Site Owner
Posts: 141

How beautifully said Chris!  Yes we will rise above this and it has been so wonderful that there is so much support out there for myself and the church.

Sadly the person writing these awful mailings have not taken on ANY responsibility for their actions and all of the upset they have caused to our beautiful church!!

Healing being sent to them, but as you say, God alone knows who they are, and karmic rule will sort this terrible thing out.

Once again thanks for you support.

Lnl, Tina x

:D Tina x
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