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Christina Parfitt
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I would like to think that those who have requested to 'Chair' at our church, do their best to ensure that the Service and Medium they are working for is given their highest best!

From time to time, I will be ensuring that the 'Chairs' are given an opportunity to hone their skills at mini workshops I will hold for them.

There is nothing I can presently find fault with (I like to think I will give someone the opportunity to 'have a go' to increase their awareness of working on platform, but most importantly their confidence!)  So I wish to affirm that the latest workshop held was in no way my being unkind or making anyone feel they just aren't 'good enough'.

We now have written guidelines for those who wish to take up the option, and a list of 'faults' I have witnessed whether at our own church or those of churches I have attended (without prejudice).  To ensure that our congregations and visiting Mediums/Demonstators are given the highest and the best of Services.

At all times our church strives to give of its best to those  who attend. 

I do hope you all feel this way too?:D

:D Tina x
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Pat Hesketh
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