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Mr Tina
Posts: 11

Wow  wasn't the energy in the Healing room amazing on Tuesday 30/3/2010!

Is it best with the lights low, soft music, the energy was incredible, it was a joy to work in. So calm and relaxing.


Our 'patients' also enjoyed the experience, feeling it was a profound one for them, the feeling of the healing energies, tangible in the room, and for themselves.

At  times like this i thank God/Spirit  for being allowed to work for Him/Her . You just had to be there to experience it  .Can't  wait for next week  .Wonder if the same energies will still be in the Church on Friday evening  for the healing part of the Service

Without sounding big headed  i just feel we all recieved a Blessing tonight  





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Christina Parfitt
Site Owner
Posts: 141

Having one of our patients approach me on Tuesday evening with regards to their healing received, I must say that the healing received by them was explained to me as being 'very profound' - what a lovely testament to our Channellers, working at our sanctuary.


Lnl, Tina x

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Posts: 6

Ah sounds like you had a wonderful evening,sorry I missed it. Yes I agree at times of such experiences we are so blessed and thank spirit for

allowing us to work with and for them.It is such a honour for us all. Look forward to Friday and hope the same energy may surround us.

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Chris S
Posts: 29

Yes the energies after in the room very lovely very calming and peaceful -theres always a lovely residual feel after the healing sanctuary has done its work for the evening.


Chris x

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Christina Parfitt
Site Owner
Posts: 141

Well guys our Healing Sanctuary goes from strenght to strength, although I must admit, I do find it hard to understand when some of our Healers start to drop off just before they are due to finish their courses.  Sad, very sad.  On an upnote, we still have plenty of new probationers who are joining us!

Hopefully all those who have qualified are finding their feet on their new path as a Healer/Channel and enjoying their experiences.

Good luck to you all.

Lnl, Tina


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