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Chris S
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I am currently reading a book about angels which ro be honest I thought would be quite hard going but it is a lot easier than I thought.

Does anyone have any angelic encounters or stories they would like to share with the rest of us-remember angels are messengers from God-and messages can come in many forms-not just from an angel complete with wings etc!

I look forward to hearing about them.



Chris S xx

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Christina Parfitt
Site Owner
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I can remember in early 1990, being so ill I asked God to take me home.  Not one single part of my body wasn't consumed in pain - it even hurt to lie on my pillows (they had suddently become boulders), my head hurt so much.


Light, sound, footsteps, increased my pain, so yes, I'd had enough.  I asked to be taken home, as I didn't feel it fair my being as I was, to my then husband David, and my beautiful children, Clair, John and Rachel.  Selfish I know, but anyone who has experienced real pain, can understand my wish to no longer live on this plain.


My husband had just crept into the bedroom to offer me a cup of tea, but I was so nauseous that I just couldn't drink it - thanking him, I just lay there in the dark.


When I had been prescribed my medication, according to my Specialist, I would probably be ill for a day after taking Methotrexate (cancer fighting drug), however, I'd take it on the Friday, (my elected day), and still by the following Wednesday, I was unable to stand, or function.  This is not what I expected, or wanted my life to be.


I could hear my husband feeding his fish on the landing outside our bedroom, as I lay there in the dark.


Suddenly there was the most wonderous white light in my room (light was something I'd been unable to tolerate for quite some time, it made my head hurt even more than usual if I caught a chink of light shining).  There at the end of a very long tunnel, was a being, and yes it was an Angel - I even heard myself say "Wow, it's an Angel" - but as I travelled along that tunnel of light I could feel the pain ease and almost disappear.  The overwhelming feeling of love and happiness in that tunnel is and was far to wonderous for words.  But as I got closer to the Angel, I could see an outstretched hand - then I heard a voice telling me "You have to go back, it is not your time, we have much work for you to do" - then everywhere went silent and dark again.


The pain was almost gone, but I felt bereft, having been so close, so very close to being at one with the Divine all consuming love that I felt on my journey through the tunnel.


I lay in the darkness just thinking to myself, that even Spirit didn't want me, and hoping for the nightmare I had found myself in since being told I had Rhuematoid Arthritis & Polymyalgia Rhuematic, would all go away, and I could have my life back.  Being able to run, dance, look after my family and enjoy life.


My husband David popped back into the bedroom to check and see how I was, and I told him what had just happened.  He fell to his knees and asked me if I was dying, as he didn't want me to go ...... I told him that I had been sent back, as Spirit said there was work for me to do.  We just sat there in the dark, taking in the full enormity of what had transpired.


Yes, looking back, I did have work to do, it's for Spirit, and I thank them everyday, for keeping me safe, and helping me to manage my pain.


I made my promise to Spirit that I would be on the journey, and enjoy the experiences they passed to me, in my work as a channel and medium - I do my best at all times to keep Spirit alive in the hearts and minds of others.


We have so much to learn, so all I can say is, enjoy the journey, I am.


Tina Parfitt (President, Pathways Spiritual Centre, Southport

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Christina Parfitt
Site Owner
Posts: 141

I'm surprised that no -one has anything to say on the Angels Forum - we all have a little bit to share surely?  Lnl,Tina


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Me to I am surprised myself, that no one has said anything.

I do have to say you sure when through a hard time with your illness; thank goodness, you came out of the other side feeling better than you did.

I really enjoyed reading what you posted; it sounds an amazing experience that you have gone through.

In addition, after reading it, felt inspirational.






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